2011 Census and Population data

2011 Census

Click on the above link for the latest census data which was held in March 2011. Please note, currently, the data is based on the the first release (16 July 2012) and part of the second release (December 2012 - February 2012) such as population by ward, borough ethnicity and religion, country of birth and length of residence, housing tenure, etc.

Mid year population estimates

Click on the Mid year population estimates link above to view Croydon's population demographics based the 2001 census estimates; highlighting population by age, gender, ethnicity, change and projections. ONS has not published full demographics of Croydon's population yet so there is still value in analysing the 2001 census, although they have published mid year population estimates in 5 year age bands for 2011 which can be found by clicking the link.


Click on the Migration link above to view where people are coming from/going to and their age.

Live Births

For the latest available live birth figures in Croydon, London & England please use the Office for National Statistics (ONS) link.