Borough Profile

Borough Profile – December 2023
Borough Profile –  June2023
Borough Profile – December 2022
Borough Profile – June 2022
Borough Profile – December 2021
Borough Profile – June 2021
Borough Profile – December 2020
Borough Profile – June 2020
Borough Profile – December 2019
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Borough Profile – December 2018
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Carers Strategy 2018_2022
Croydon Carers Plan – easy read final – 2018_2022
Final_Carers_Strategy_Exec Summary_A5 – 2018_2022
Carer Engagement Report v04 -2017
Carer Engagement Summary 2017
Carer Engagement Report v02 – 2015
Exec Summary Carer Engagement 2015

Census (2021)

Croydon Highlights from each ONS data release

Census 2021 Findings_Release01_28Jun2022
Migration & Demography
Census 2021 Findings_Release02_02Nov2022
UK Armed Forces Veterans
Census 2021_Findings_Release03_10Nov2022
Ethnic Group, National Identity, Language & Religion  
Census 2021 Findings_Release04_29Nov2022
Labour Market & Travel to Work
Census 2021 Findings_Release05_08Dec2022
Census 2021 Findings_Release06_05Jan2023
Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity
Census 2021 Findings_Release07_06Jan2023
Census 2021 Findings_Release08_10Jan2023
Health, disability and unpaid care
Census 2021 Findings_Release09_19Jan2023

Useful data from Census 2021

ONS_Census2021_Populations by Single Year of Age
ONS_Census2021_Sex by SYA_Croydon_London_England
ONS_Census2021_Ethnicity by SYA_Croydon_London_England

Census (2011)

Census Presentation First Release
Census Presentation Second Release
Census Presentation Third Release
Croydon Household Profile 

Children, Young People and Families

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2023

Croydon SEND and AP Local Area Strategy 1

Best Start Hubs – Main map
Best Start Community Profile Planning Area 1 map
Best Start Community Profile Planning Area 2 map
Best Start Community Profile Planning Area 3 map
2017 Best Start Community Profile Planning Area 1
2017 Best Start Community Profile Planning Area 2
2017 Best Start Community Profile Planning Area 3
2016 Best Start Community Profile Planning Area 1
2016 Best Start Community Profile Planning Area 2
2016 Best Start Community Profile Planning Area 3
5-19 Community Profile Planning Area 1
5-19 Community Profile Planning Area 2
5-19 Community Profile Planning Area 3
Safeguarding & Looked After Children Needs Assessment 



Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

Q4 2018-19 Report
Q3 2018-19 Report
Q2 2018-19 Report
Q1 2018-19 Report


Croydon Economic Strategy_2019
Evening Night Time Economy Plan 2019


Intelligent London
Ofsted Data Tool




Ethnic group projections (2016-based housing-led)
AW_131011_Equalities Poster
Stonewall_Sexual Orientation_monitoring_data
Stonewall_Vision-for-change-for Trans-people_2017
Equalities Data by Ward – Oct 14

Health and disability



Household Profile 2011
Home_Truths_2017_London 2015/16
Weekly Average Rent_Private(1997 to 2016)
Weekly Average Rent_LA(1998 to 2016)
Housing Tenure_households-boroughs(2008 to 2014)

IMD (Index of Multiple Deprivation)

IMD 2019 – Deprivation in Croydon – Headlines
All 2010 Deprivation Data by LSOA
All 2007 Deprivation Data by LSOA
All 2004 Deprivation Data by LSOA

JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment)

All documents (key dataset, needs assessments and statistical bulletins) can be found on the observatory here.

Market Position Statement

Croydon’s Market Position Statement for Adult Social Care & Health (ASCH) services seeks to reflect the current picture of demand for care and support alongside the design, supply and utilisation of provision across the market to meet the changing needs of local people, and within the current financial challenges being experienced across health and social care. The Market Position Statement provides strategic information for providers to inform business and development plans within the context of meeting the Council’s strategic priorities, and to deliver service innovation and value for money.

We will continue to maintain an open dialogue with providers and people who use the services we commission through our provider forums and resident engagement groups, to ensure there is sufficient choice of provision to help people meet their aspirations and live as independently as possible. We will monitor the content of the Market Position Statement regularly and refresh when there are significant changes to report.

The following link provides more details of what the Market Position Statement means in Croydon …
ASCH Market Position Statement 2023 FINAL 11 May 23

Older People

Safeguarding Adults Strategy 2010-2015

PNA (Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment)

PNA 2018
PNA_Croydon Supplementary Statement_March 2018
PNA 2015 Appendix A
PNA 2015 Appendix B
PNA 2015 Appendix C
PNA 2015 Appendix D
PNA 2015 Appendix E
PNA 2015 Appendix F
PNA 2015 Appendix G
PNA 2015 Appendix H
PNA 2015 Appendix I
PNA 2015 Appendix J
PNA 2015 part 1
PNA 2015 part 2
PNA 2015 part 3
PNA 2015 part 4
PNA review1 20131023
PNA review2 20131023
PNA review3 20140313
PNA review4 20140313
PNA review5 20131023
PNA 2011
PNA 2011 annex A
PNA 2011 annex B

Population Mid Year Estimates

ONS_MYE_2020_London Councils Only

ONS_MYE_2019_by Gender
ONS_MYE_2019_by London Councils

Population Projections

The GLA’s housing-led population projections

The housing-led projections reconcile future population growth with available housing supply by incorporating a housing supply trajectory. The GLA recommends the housing-led projections for most uses.

The housing-led projections include projections for London Boroughs and London wards (2022 boundaries). The release also includes components of change (births, deaths and migration data).

The most recent set of projections are the Interim 2021-based round (January 2023) which comprise three development scenarios: the Identified Capacity scenario, the Past Delivery scenario, and the Housing Targets scenario.

GLA Projections_Identified Capacity 10-year migration_Jan2023 – Croydon   (Recommended)
GLA Projections_Past Delivery 10-year migration_Jan2023 – Croydon
GLA Projections_Housing Targets 10-year migration_Jan2023 – Croydon


The GLA’s trend-based population projections

The trend-based projections include a range of variants based on different assumptions about future levels of migration. The projections are produced for all local authorities in England & Wales and nationally for Scotland and Northern Ireland

The most recent set of trend-based population projections currently available are the Interim 2021-based variant projections (January 2023).

The 2021-based projections comprise three principal variants which have been produced using different assumptions about future levels of domestic and international migration.

GLA Trend-based Projections (2021-based)_5yr – Croydon
GLA Trend-based Projections (2021-based)_10yr – Croydon  (Recommended)
GLA Trend-based Projections (2021-based)_15yr – Croydon


The GLA’s ethnic group population projections
GLA Ethnic group projections (2016-based and housing-led)

The GLA’s London Population Projections Explorer

(These projections are 2020-based housing-led projections)

Social Value

Social Value Toolkit

Strategies (Corporate)

Mayor’s Business plan 2022 – 2026
Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy 2019-2023

Transport and access to services

Croydon’s Planning Policy Framework