Improving the health and wellbeing, reducing inequalities and increasing healthy life expectancy of all people in Croydon.

Annual Public Health Report

The Annual Public Health Report is an independent report by the Director of Public Health assessing the health and wellbeing of the local population. The reports can be found on the council webpages here.

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) aims to assess the current and future health and social care needs of the local community, and make recommendations on how to improve health and wellbeing and reduce inequalities for all ages. The JSNA is produced jointly by Croydon Council and other major local partner organisations.  The Croydon JSNA can be found on this site here.

Updates on Available Evidence

Fortnightly “What’s New in Health and Social Care” bulletins containing the latest evidence, guidance and research articles can be found on this site here.

Data Sources

  • The Greater London Authority Data Store is a free and open data-sharing portal  where anyone can access data relating to the capital. It contains information relating to health, communities, housing, community safety, environment, transport, jobs and the economy.


For more health and social care services and information please visit the Croydon Council website.