Croydon’s Corporate Plan for 2015-18 sets out the Council’s contribution to the Community Strategy 2013-18 (the overarching strategy for the borough). It sets out our priorities for delivery of our ‘Ambitious for Croydon’ vision: to create a stronger, fairer borough where no community is held back. This vision is supported by three key ambitions:

  1. Growth – creating growth in our economy
  2. Independence – helping residents to be as independent as possible
  3. Liveability – creating a welcoming, pleasant place where local people want to live.

The outcomes and promises defined in the Corporate Plan are developed in three supporting documents – the Growth Promise, the Independence Strategy and the Liveability Strategy. The Ambitious for Croydon Performance Framework (Appendix 2 of the Corporate Plan) sets out performance indicators and targets to track progress in achieving our vision.

For the latest Corporate strategies please see below: