Market Position Statement (MPS) for Adult Social Care services in Croydon.

The MPS is being refreshed and updated during 2018 and will be published on a phased basis with specific sections for different needs groups.

The first element of the new MPS to be published covers Learning Disabilities. Other sections (eg, Mental Health, Physical Disabilities, Older People) will be published over the coming months.

The MPS will be kept under review and will be updated on an on-going basis.


What is a Market Position Statement:

A market position statement (MPS) is a document which summarises supply and demand in the local authority area and gives an indication of business opportunities within the care market in that area.

Croydon’s MPS gives a high level picture of the:

  • Key principles and outcomes for Adult Social Care services
  • Future needs of service users and changes in demand
  • Views of service users and carers in terms of the support they wish to receive
  • Current pattern of service provision and use
  • Anticipated future plans and service needs

The MPS is linked to and informed by a range of other documents such as Commissioning Strategies and the Joint Strategic Needs Analysis (JSNA) which include more detailed information and statistics.

Links to these strategies and other relevant documents are provided within the MPS.

How do we want the local care market and providers to develop

We want to:

  • Encourage the development of services that are of high quality and are sustainable
  • Support the development appropriate services in the local Croydon area that meet the needs of our residents so that we can reduce the number of people placed in services outside the Borough
  • Work with providers as service experts to identify innovative service models and solutions
  • Continue our commitment to supporting fair wages in the care sector.

How we intend to work with provider agencies and the local care market

We want to work partnership and collaboration with provider agencies to:

  • adopt co-production principles to ensure the involvement of service users and carers
  • develop innovative service models which promote independence
  • benefit from the knowledge and experience of providers as experts in their field
  • promote and share good practice
  • focus on delivering positive outcomes for service users
  • ensure the availability of high quality services
  • improve approaches to contract monitoring based around the delivery of outcomes
  • support providers to deliver sustainable services and business models

 How we communicate and engage with the market

We use a variety of mechanisms and forums to engage with the local care market. Some of these cover a number of service areas while others are specific to particular needs groups.

During the coming year we will review these arrangements to ensure that we have appropriate mechanisms in place to engage with all relevant providers.

Details of the current main fora and groups are set out in the table below.


Names of forums Frequency of meetings Contact person
Supported living
Care home forum
LD provider forum Monthly Andrew Slegg (email?)
Provider Alliance for Supported Housing Monthly London Portal link
LD partnership board
Home care forum
Physical disability forum
PH Forums


How will providers find out about market opportunities

  • Croydon Council uses the London Tenders Procurement Portal to advertise tender opportunities. You can access the website here
  • The London Tenders Portal is the public sector procurement portal for the London boroughs listed in the navigation panel. This portal supports the procurement process and provides suppliers with easier access to new business opportunities and contracts.
  • Registering on the London Tenders Portal is FREE for all Suppliers and is a simple and straightforward exercise. Once registered, as a Supplier you will receive email updates on new contract opportunities issued by the public sector that match your capabilities. To register on the London Tenders Portal click on the Suppliers Area.
  • The tender process will be managed electronically via this service, with tenders being exchanged electronically.

 As well as the London Tenders Portal described above, there are a number of other ways in which providers can explore business opportunities in Croydon. These include:

Latest Funding opportunities calendar is published monthly and contains a list of available funding by theme (click on the icon for social care, regeneration, infrastructure, economy, etc.), with a short description of their objectives and deadlines. You can also download the reports for further details.

Croydon Means Business 2018 aims to support and encourage the growth of local businesses and inspire further innovation among the borough’s business community

Croydon Council website: The London Borough of Croydon updates all tender opportunities Croydon Council website. This includes procurements above and below the EU thresholds. You can view them here

London Contracts Register: For a list of the council’s current contracts and procurement plan for the next five years, please view the London Contracts Register

Value Croydon The aim of Value Croydon is to support the delivery of the corporate objectives to foster local economic growth and sustainability by providing a one-stop-shop for organisations to find out about business opportunities with the council and its partners.

The new Value Croydon website will also provide clear information on how to do business with the council through social value. Value Croydon at its core focuses on how the council engages with the local market, contractors and wider partners to set up services and procure goods and works in a way that added social, economic and environmental benefits to Croydon’s communities.

Please note: If you are a local provider/supplier and would like to develop and train in skills to do business with us e.g. bid writing, understanding procurement etc. please get in touch with the person on the contact list on the page and we can arrange sessions, if we gather enough interest.

Any queries related to procurement could be made at

 Quality Matters

We are committed to the delivery of high quality care for the people of Croydon. We expect high standards and safe services and want to work with providers who aspire to achieve and deliver them.

We work closely with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as well as undertaking our own quality monitoring assessments.

We are currently reviewing and improving our approaches to contact monitoring and management to ensure consistent approaches which focus on quality and the delivery of positive outcomes for service users.

 We want to hear your views

If you would like to give us general feedback or queries and suggestions about the Market Position Statement, please send an email to:

If you would like to get involved in future MPS updates please contact us on the above email address.

For issues relating to particular service groups, contact details are given within the relevant section of the MPS.