The JSNA statistical bulletins provide a snapshot of publicly released datasets, comparing Croydon figures to London and England.

Croydon Population

Population Estimates of Croydon (2017)
0-17 year old projections (2017)
Life expectancy in Croydon (2001-16)
Births and Deaths in Croydon (2008-17)

Children and Young People

PHE – Child Health in Croydon (June 2018)
Smoking at time of delivery in Croydon (2010-18)
Child weight in Croydon (2007-17)
Looked After Children in Croydon (2013-2017)
Child Poverty in Croydon (2006-15)
0-17 year old projections (2017)
Intelligent London – Education and Learning of young people in Croydon (May 2020)
Progression to higher education in Croydon (2005-15)

Health and Wellbeing

Smoking at time of delivery in Croydon (2006-17)
Hospital admissions and prescribing for obesity in Croydon (2015-17)
Life expectancy in Croydon (2001-15)
NHS Health Checks in Croydon (2013-18)
Registered suicides in Croydon (2002-16)
Estimates of personal wellbeing in Croydon (2011-17)
Diabetes prevalence in Croydon (QOF, 2016-17)
Asthma prevalence in Croydon (QOF, 2016-17)
Adult obesity prevalence in Croydon (QOF, 2016-17)
Serious mental illness and depression prevalence in Croydon (QOF, 2016-17)
Learning disability prevalence in Croydon (QOF, 2016-17)
PHE – Croydon Health Profiles (3Jul18)
Sport England – Croydon Sport Profile (2015-16)

Housing and Crime

Rough sleeping in Croydon (2011-17)
Housing affordability in Croydon (1997-17)
Households in poverty in Croydon (2013-14)
Recorded crime in Croydon (2007-17)