These chapters are focussed pieces of work on key topic areas. Key topics are decided by the health and wellbeing board based on recommendations from the JSNA steering group. Stakeholders and partners in the local authority, the health service, the voluntary and community sector and members of the public, are invited to propose topics which are prioritised against a range of criteria.

What happens to the recommendations of the JSNA?

Each topic-based JSNA chapter is sent to local health and social care commissioners. They are asked to make an initial response to the recommendations. Commissioning plans and strategies can be informed by JSNA chapter. Commissioners use the needs assessment to help them make judgements about where to prioritise limited resources. It may not be possible to take forward all the recommendations made in a JSNA chapter, but the information is critical for their decision making processes. JSNA chapters also make recommendations for service providers. Whilst providers are not formally asked to respond, they are sent the recommendations and asked to take them into consideration.

The Croydon JSNA uses these webpages to publish its reports.

Chapters 2009-10

JSNA 2009-10 Future Demand of Services
JSNA 2009-10 Geographical Health Inequalities
JSNA 2009-10 Healthy Weight Healthy Lives
JSNA 2009-10 JSNA Appendices
JSNA 2009-10 JSNA Executive Summary
JSNA 2009-10 SEN
JSNA 2009-10 Summary Core Dataset

Chapters 2010-11

JSNA 2010-11 Adult weight management needs assessment
JSNA 2010-11 Appendices
JSNA 2010-11 Diabetes Chapter
JSNA 2010-11 Executive Summary
JSNA 2010-11 Foreword
JSNA 2010-11 Infant Mortality Chapter
JSNA 2010-11 Living Well in Later Life Chapter
JSNA 2010-11 Looked After Children Chapter
JSNA 2010-11 Overview Chapter Health & Wellbeing
JSNA 2010-11 Sexual Health Chapter

Chapters 2011-12

JSNA 2011-12 Children in Poverty Appendix 1
JSNA 2011-12 Children in Poverty Appendix 2
JSNA 2011-12 Children in Poverty Chapter
JSNA 2011-12 Dementia Chapter
JSNA 2011-12 Executive Summary Overview Chapter
JSNA 2011-12 Overview Chapter
JSNA 2011-12 Repeat Abortions Chapter

Chapters 2012-13

JSNA 2012-13 Easy Read Overview Chapter Summary
JSNA 2012-13 Key Topic 1 Depression in Adults
JSNA 2012-13 Key Topic 2 Schizophrenia
JSNA 2012-13 Key Topic 2 Schizophrenia Appendices
JSNA 2012-13 Key Topic 3: Emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people
JSNA 2012-13 Part 2 Overview of Mental Health & Wellbeing in Croydon
JSNA 2012-13 Part 3 Depression in Adults & Serious Mental Illness Briefing

Chapters 2013-14

JSNA Homelessness chapter 2013-14 FINAL
JSNA 2013-14 A Rapid Assessment of Population Alcohol Needs in Croydon
JSNA 2013-14 Chapter on healthy weight
JSNA 2013-14 Domestic violence chapter

Chapters 2014-15


Chapters 2016-17

Health of Croydon’s school aged children, data report
Croydon 2018 PNA_FINAL REPORT_MAR2018